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For North Clybourn Group, Better IT Efficiency Equals Growth

As Office Manager at a busy Chicago real estate company, Carol Ann Ward works hard to keep her team efficient. So when it comes to IT, eliminating technical hassles helps agents spend less time on administration and more time closing deals.

“At North Clybourn Group, fast computing is a priority,” Carol Ann said. “Without it, our productivity would suffer tremendously. It would be hard to stay competitive.”

But for years, Carol Ann’s operation relied on antiquated technology. Not only were their systems slow, but they were keeping her team from meeting its goals. “Our Website and local office network were sitting dead in the water,” she said. “The first company we hired to help us wasn’t helping, and we knew it was time for a change.”

Better IT service boosts productivity

Carol Ann and her team decided enough was enough. They contacted Chicago On Call to help them forge new ground with the existing IT service provider, and it wasn’t long before their Website and internal IT infrastructure were running faster, keeping agents on task, and helping them generate new leads.

“That’s when we decided to let Chicago On Call help us devise a comprehensive IT strategy,” Carol Ann said. “They modernized everything from our phone system to email service. Now we’re doing everything in the cloud, which cuts down on hardware costs, and staying compliant is finally a non-issue. It’s a complete about-face from before.”

For Carol Ann, it’s the productivity gains that make a difference. “We’re spending less time performing time-consuming, manual tasks,” she said. “That’s the value of Chicago On Call. Their solutions save us time, and that helps us grow as a company.”

A thriving partnership

North Clybourn Group hired Chicago On Call in 2005, and the relationship continues to thrive. “They’re patient with us,” says Carol Ann. “Even if you’re not tech-savvy, their IT support team has a way of breaking down technical issues and offering clear solutions that anyone can understand.”

And with the confidence Carol Ann has in Chicago On Call’s professionalism, she’s quick to recommend them to other organizations fed up with legacy IT systems.

“They receive my enthusiastic recommendation,” she said. “We’re 5000% more efficient and productive than we would be without them.”

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